Hi Guys!in this blog post today,i will be disclosing the 12 types of water,why i chose this topic today is because, water is the most important part of our daily living.And as to fighting premature aging and early skin wrinkling.Water intake is very important to the body and to the skin,it hydrate the skin and keeps it moisturized, it also detoxifies the body system.Drinking 6 to 8 classes of pure or alkaline water keeps the entire body younger and healthier.Before going to the 12 types of water let us know  the definition of water.  What is Water :water  is a colorless, transparent, odorless, liquid which forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

12 Types of Water
1Hard Water.

 This is saturated with calcium, iron, magnesium, and many other inorganic minerals. All water in lakes, rivers, on the ground, in deep wells, is classified as hard water. (Many city systems take water from rivers or lakes, or reservoirs supplied with mountain wate…