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To look younger you have to keep an eye on your weight,when you look slim you look younger and feel more healthier than when you are over weighted.implementing these top tips that i will list below ,will help you with a perfect weight that will leave yopu look younger.these are the right tips that you can gradually implement to achieve your weight loss start.

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1 Start  your day with a glass of water:
As soon as you wake up in the morning it very important to take one or 2 glasses of water you may add lime juice in it as this helps flush the toxic in the body and also  balance the body ph..

2 Stay away from sweetened drinks:drnks like soda.coca cola and other fizzy drinks means sugar,they will only help increase your weight please stop them or replace with diet soda, and this should be done once in a blue...
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3 Increase your fibre intake:by increase the intake of these follow fibre-rich food,it will then be easy for you to lose weight easily and faster.Apple Almonds,Oats,Wheat bread,Bran flakes etc.

4 Watch what you eat:watching what you put in your system is also very good and important,checking the ingredient of an item before purchasing is helpful to reducing your weight .Organic food are best choice of food for loosing weight.

5 Drinking plenty of  water: drinking plenty of water during the day helps detoxify your bodyof excess toxic and prevent dehydration.6 to 8 glasses of water a day is great step to losing your weight

6 No fried food:staying away from fried food help keeps calories away,fried foods absorb alot of oil or fat which will add more weight to your present weight.
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7 Chew more:teeth are given for chewing please chew your food more so saliva can be mixed in the food you will swallow, with enough saliva in your food ,your food will digest well and faster, and this will manager your weight effectively.

8 Exercise regularly:moving your entire body with vigorous movement help tone the muscle of your body,try yoga  ,breathing exercise rediuce your weight too,streching exercises will do the trick.

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9 Drinking Apple cider vinegar:ACV is evry great for weight loss for it flushes out  and fat or calories in your system ans has great health benefits,balance the ph as well.

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10 Smoking ciggarette :is also not a good idea during weight loss,becaus eit increases your dependancy on drinks like coffee.

I wish You Much Sucess......Love You All.


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