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 Everyone of us wants to remain young forever,but the truth is,  not all of us  know the commandements or secrets to staying  young.You know me very well and good at letting the cat out of the bag.These are the top SECRETS...Implement them you will be happy with results.
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1 Wearing or using sunscreen on your skin;UV rays cause serious damage to skin,this is what makes your nskin to wrinkle and increase the appearanceof fine and frown lines on your skin.
Screening the Sunscreens - Kidds PlaceBuck This Dangerous Sunscreen HabitMineral Sunscreen | SPF 40 | Natural Ingredients
2 Cleansing and Moisturizing Your skin:cleasing and moisturizing my skin morning and night before bed time daily is what i love to do.thisa routine helps to protect and keep the skin healthy and this keeps you looking younger everyday.
3 Dressing Smart:another key to looking great,young,cute and beautiful is to dress smarter,people who dress smarter, always appear confident and younger.i like people who dress and look the and you will attract attention.

Aparna Vinod Stills-Photo-Kohinoor Malayalam Movie Actress

4 Excersing: why is it important to excercise?physical activity 1 hour everyday,keep you looking slimmer,the slimmer you look the younger you look.helps keep your weight and blood pressure in check,there by lowering your risk for diseases ,diseases are what age faster to age gracely is the key point.
 5 Eat Breakfast

6 Checking your posture

Do you think I'm being a jerk with my feelings on this ...Self-Healing Resources: Improve Posture to Improve Eyesight

7 Drink plenty of water:water hydrates your body ther by improving the look of your skin,it does flush out toxic from the body.

8 Get good sleep;minium of 6 hours and maxium of 9 hours of beauty sleep is requiredIs Sleeping Late a Sign of Laziness or Intelligence ...Natural Sleep Aids Help You Sleep Like A BabyGetting More Sleep Can Help Improve Memory, Cognitive ...

9 Television :reduce how much time you spend on watching telvision,watching television too much increase dark crcle around the eyes and reduce the quality of your vision.

10 Make more friends:it is good to have more positive and supportive friends who will always be there fro you no matter  what the situation may be,who will as well help you move forward.not the negatives ones who will pull you down.

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I wish You Much Sucess....


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